Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Post is For Janice

This is a beautiful crocheted blanket that Janice sent to me for my little grandaughter and I should have done this post ages ago so my sincere apologies Janice for not posting these pics sooner my friend.
I have to tell you that when I opened the parcel from Janice Sophie almost pounced on the box as the colour spilled out. I said to her "Oh look Soph darling this is for you" Well that was enough for my little grandaughter to run off with it lol. The first pic is of her twirling it around so my apologies for the blurriness of the pic lol but she was hard to capture hehehe

This next one is of her sharing her new blanket with her Poppa but he only got a leg covered and that was all she was prepared to share lol. She is eating her banana at the same time which made the twirling even more impressive hehehe.

A little blurry again but she kept jumping around so this was the best of a blurry lot rotflmbo
This pic is of her pretending to go to sleep but let me tell you it did not last long I wish I had captured the little grin she gave me just after I took this pic it was absolutely priceless.

This last pic is the aftermath of the little grin and she was being a little cheeky but cute if you get my drift (says a proud grandmother).

So Janice from little Soph and her Nannie thankyou so much and the blanket stays at my house for her sleepovers as she loves going to bed with it in her cot, and when I tell her it is nigh nigh time she runs in and grabs the blanket of the end of her bed and waits for me to lift her in. She then gives it to me to cover her up and quite contentedly goes to sleep with a little wave to her nannie. Thankyou sincerely Janice for the most beautiful gift. I have another post to do about the progress of my mini album and I am warning you now that it will be long as there a quite a few pics.
In the meantime. . . .
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy


Scrapaddict said...[Reply to comment]

Thank you Michelle! I am so glad you and Sophie enjoy the gift. It gave me great pleasure to handcraft and send it to her. The pics are great as I never take pictures when I make them.