Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Because. . . .

Good morning everyone.  I was skyping with my friend Sherry this morning and I did this layout using Basic Grey Lime Rickey paper collection which I just adore.  The pic is of my 5yr old grandson Elijah who started school this year and I think this mask was for a carnival at school.  I cannot believe how well his mask suited the Lime Rickey papers hehehe.

Just a quick post as I have a few clients booked in for massages today.
In the meantime . . . . . .
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Challenge for

Hello everyone!  Here I am with another layout for an online class I am taking with Sherry over at site.  I did however forget to put the white paint where the embellishments were to make them stand out more but I forgot to and because I had glued them on I could not take them off again lol.  The pic is of my little grandaughter Lily waiting at the bus stop to pick her brother Elijah up from school.  With her glorious brown skin and tight curly locks I adore her as I do her brother.  

I am thoroughly enjoying the class where we had to make our own kit from our own supplies and use only that kit for the class which lasts a month and it does prove challenging to say the least but you can make it work it just takes a little concentration and a lot of creativity *grins*.

I will post my layouts as I do them and I do think I have another one to do as I type this so it will not be too long before I post again.
In the meantime. . . . 
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy

Monday, June 4, 2012

At Long Last. . . . .

Hello everyone!! I bet you all thought I had fallen off the face of the earth.  Well a lot has been happening down my neck of the woods as they say.  The most exciting is that I will be officially retiring from the workforce and taking my superannuation as a lump sum then Ray and I are going to buy a 4WD and a caravan and pack up the house and put everything into storage except for what we will take with us of course and head off on a very long leisurely trip around Australia.  My big sister who is on 15mths older than me but nevertheless she is still older hehehe, she is also retiring at the end of the year and her and her partner Alan will also be doing the same thing so we may just do it together.  I said to Ray that I had to have a few home comforts to travel with and that would be my ipad (of course lol), the purchase of a satellite dish for Australia wide tv for those darkest of nights out in the bush, a mobile internet connection so I can skype my bestie in the USA as well as regular contact with my grandbabies and my two precious girls.

I thought about all the scrapbooking supplies I would want to take but then decided to just take my Project Life supplies and album and all my cameras like my large digital SLR, my video camera,  my small compact camera and my Instax camera as well as my new little Pogo printer for on the fly pic printing.  I think the rest of my supplies can be stored. I have taken so many pics lately whilst creating Project Life it has become quite the obsession and the funny thing is I take a selfie of Ray and I each week to add to the weekly layout which are really funny.

Why are we doing this you may ask. . .well since I have to wait a few years before I can have my double knee replacements I decided that I did not want to sit around and be miserable and I am thoroughly sick of the tiny little country town with it's nasty community but that does not include everyone here just some.  The longer I sit and mull things over and over in my mind the more miserable I become so bugger it I said to Ray lets just do it.

a couple of weeks ago Sherry and I signed up to do this scrapbooking class which started on the 1st June.  Below is my first layout that I completed using different techniques for me at least.  The pic is of two of my grandbabies and it is a black and white pic.  Who knows what will be next.  

Oh the other great thing I have got lately is my new Silhouette Cameo which I also bought one for Sherry as I got a deal on  I bought two machines and extra mats etc and it came to almost the same as one machine would cost me here in Australia.  I had them sent to Sherry's address and she shipped mine out to me.  It won't take the place of my Cricut because I think they do two different things.  The Cameo is so detailed and can cut the finest of lines whereas the Cricut is better for cutting larger things.

Well I think I have you all up to speed with what has been going on lately lol.  Suffice to say that Ray and I are having a wonderful time making lists etc of our requirements, searching on the net for the right caravan and 4WD that will tow it as not all 4WD's are created equal hehehe.  There will now be regular posts while I do this course and if you want to see my Project Life layouts on a regular basis leave a comment and I will make sure that I start taking pics of the weekly spreads.

In the meantime. . . .
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy (now you know why the name lol)