Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Order Completed. . . .

Another christmas order ready to go out. The request was to make it a little vintage and I think I achieved that. . . .well I'm hoping I have lol. This goes into the post tomorrow. Now all I have left is my Mums christmas presents to make and then orders are completed. I sent off a parcel to the US this afternoon to a wonderful friend so I hope she enjoys all the goodies inside when it arrives.

Okay I am off to bed now as I have a day in the shop tomorrow doing several massages and also have an aromatherapy consultation for an aging Mum who has arthritis and also wants her hands massaged. I am looking forward to this as I know my own Mum gets so much relief from having her arthritic hands massaged by me. So if I can help this woman alleviate the pain in some small way it will make my day that much better. Whatever you do do it well.
In the meantime. . . .
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...[Reply to comment]

Michelle, this is great. Sounds like you are getting Christmas done at your house. I went out and finished all my shopping in about 2 hours yesterday. It sure does help to have that list all made out.

Gloria Stengel said...[Reply to comment]

Very vintage-y! I wish you'd come here and massage my neck! LOL