Monday, March 26, 2012

Finally Let Go!!

Hi everyone, I know it has been some time since I posted and I will be getting back into regular posting very soon I promise. But first let me tell you a story about what has been happening in my life of late. . . .First off never work with friends or family. . . . . . EVER!! I have finally let go of a friendship that was close to 17 years long and I never thought I would be saying that but it is very very true. After telling another staff member that she would be getting rid of me in a few weeks, it made me realise that she was never a friend, maybe a long time ago but that disappeared into dust. Now with all of this going on in my life I was far too stressed and far too upset to be working on projects in an uplifting manner because I was dealing with that loss of friendship and trust. There are now only a small handful of people in my life that I trust implicitly and two of those are my husband and the other happens to be a wonderful woman I have not personally met but we skype several times a week and have done for the last couple of years. I will never allow myself to trust anyone (other than the ones I mentioned) again like I trusted this other friend. I had been the victim of bullying in the workplace at my previous job and I can honestly say that I and others have been the victim of bullying in my current job. Well no longer current as I resigned last Friday because I was sick of taking crap and made to feel less than.
So now that I have made the decision to finally let go of all that stress and anger I can now move on in a positive way. I did however make some lovely friends whilst I worked at my job and they know who they are and we get together on a very very regular basis either at my place or out for a meal. We will be doing a road trip soon to see another friend who left the same workplace due to the same treatment as myself. I cannot wait to see her and I am so looking forward to the road trip with the girls.
I know this was long winded but I wanted my followers to know and understand what has been going on and why I have not been producing any projects of any worth although I have taken to scrapbooking in a big way so I will be showing a lot of that in the coming weeks *grins*.
Thanks for your continued support girls.
The Gypsy (Michelle)


Sherry Eckblad said...[Reply to comment]

Good for you chick for reaching out and letting go. No one needs that kind of stress in their life or anyone who pretends to be their friend but turns around and back stabs them. They will or should I say she will get what is coming to them in the end.
Can't wait to see your scrapbooking layouts on here.
Now hurry up and get back to fun blogging.

Birgit said...[Reply to comment]

It is so hard when someone one trusts decides to ruin something beautiful to get "ahead". One does not need this negative crap and good for you to leave your job and that person behind. If one has just 1 true friend in life they are considered lucky and you have 2! My friend decided to let go of all negativity which included so called friends who were just using him and "sucking" him dry emotionally. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your will be wonderful!

Ankur said...[Reply to comment]

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