Thursday, June 14, 2012

Challenge for

Hello everyone!  Here I am with another layout for an online class I am taking with Sherry over at site.  I did however forget to put the white paint where the embellishments were to make them stand out more but I forgot to and because I had glued them on I could not take them off again lol.  The pic is of my little grandaughter Lily waiting at the bus stop to pick her brother Elijah up from school.  With her glorious brown skin and tight curly locks I adore her as I do her brother.  

I am thoroughly enjoying the class where we had to make our own kit from our own supplies and use only that kit for the class which lasts a month and it does prove challenging to say the least but you can make it work it just takes a little concentration and a lot of creativity *grins*.

I will post my layouts as I do them and I do think I have another one to do as I type this so it will not be too long before I post again.
In the meantime. . . . 
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy


Sherry Eckblad said...[Reply to comment]

The layout turned out cute even if you didn't use the paint as instructed. lol