Friday, October 16, 2009

365 Cards - #230 - Shape Up!

Over at 365 Cards today the challenge is to Shape Up!! Oh bugger! I just realised when I went to type the actual challenge that I misread this one and we are supposed to put one big SEMI circle or many little ones on our card or even make your actual card shape one. Well I thought I was doing so well making my clock and then adding the circle dangly sentiment and off that the jewellery bits from my stash which are circles as well as my brads lol. Oh man how much of a fool do I feel? Please don't answer that!!

Oh well I am not wasting my card since I thought I read circle not semi circle lol so here is my card for the challenge today. . . .

And here is a close up of the jewellery bits that I added that were CIRCLES (complete ones) lol.

I think I might crawl into a corner for now and think about what I have done hehehe
In the meantime. . . .
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy

If you want to know the details just email me.


Sherry said...[Reply to comment]

Michelle, excellent card even if you are being a rebel. Are Gloria and Rose pulling you to the dark side?

Scrapaddict said...[Reply to comment]

Despite your blunder your card is beautiful. I love the vintage look of it. Great job!

Patti J said...[Reply to comment]

You didn't make the card wrong - they made the challenge wrong...tee hee! Really, though, don't you just hate it when that happens!??! How funny! It's happened to us all - remember the paper piecing/piercing ordeal and how many of us goofed and had to use what we had made or redo? Anyway, gf, this card is amazing. I love the way you have made that clock with all of the danglies - looks like an old fashioned timepiece, and it is an incredible ide! Beautiful job!

Chrissie said...[Reply to comment]

Circle? semi-circle? who cares? It's a fab card Michelle!!!

CAR said...[Reply to comment]

Your circles are just fused semi circles! It is a beautiful card--love the colors.

STAMPING SAM said...[Reply to comment]

Ok, you admitted it, I don't always admit my mistakes! If it wasn't for my DD who reads reports word for word and corrects me when I don't read word for word, well, you would see more of my 'misreadings'! Let's just cal ourselves the "speed-readers" of card making!

STAMPING SAM said...[Reply to comment]

Oh look, see what I mean? TYPO!

Gloria Stengel said...[Reply to comment]

I love this card. And frankly I see 4 SEMI circles on your card! 10 if you count the brads and the other embellie! You out did yourself on this one!

(Dark side indeed! It's creativity people! That's all! hee hee)

Rose said...[Reply to comment]

i think this is an awesome card! love the clock and yep gloria is right 4 semi circles so you did the challenge!! :0)

Robyn said...[Reply to comment]

Hey, Michelle! What a great card! I love the vintage look it has! I see lots of semi-circles!

~amy~ said...[Reply to comment]

Love your vintage card...circles and all :) You rebel you....

Celeste said...[Reply to comment]

We all make mistakes. Your card is gorgeous! I love vintage and the "jewelry" makes the card! Where have you been? I have soooo missed you, it's affecting my MOJO. As you see I have not made a card since last Saturday. Sniff, Sniff, Sob, Sob. Stay with us girl!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Hey Michelle, It's Sue. Email Send me yours and I can email Twilight novels through. Love your Blog by the way.