Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mini Swap tag pics

Well for all you Aussies out there today Happy Australia Day!!!! Today is a day where we celebrate Australia and everything that entails, for a lot of people here it means getting together with family and friends and having the good old Aussie BBQ in the backyard or inside watching the cricket lol and for some it is the day that the Australia Day medals are given out and I missed the awards last night to see who got Australian of the Year. I am so sorry I have not blogged for a couple of days but over the weekend my friends healing centre where I worked doing massage one day a week, burnt down. Now I don't mean just her centre but the whole block with flats upstairs above the shops. The building is over 100 years old and it was a sad thing to witness. I had just moved all my stuff back home on the Thursday as I had decided to just work from home only doing my massage so I did not lose much only a few hundred dollars worth of stock I had in her shop but my friend lost everything all her years of work gone in half an hour it took for the fire to rage through. I have spent some time with my friend and then helping her to write a list of things she had to do immediately once she had mourned the loss of her business. Therefore my blog took a back seat for a few days.
Also I have not done a card challenge or anything as I have been getting my swap partners mini album completed. I am hoping she does not visit my blog until she receives her mini from me. So what I have to show you are some of the tags from inside the mini.

The tag on the far right of the above pic with the word Artists on it is a top note that has on the other side a metal embossed and alcohol inked top note to match but I cut it out of a Pepsi Max can which my scrubby had flattened out for me. It worked a treat and I will be doing some more down the track. Needless to say that it is recycling at it's best lol.

On the left here with the words The Story on it is a vellum envelope with a tri-fold inside for photos and journalling. The flower to the right of that has been alcohol inked with several colours and then the alcohol solution dropped in various places to give that mottled look. . . I love how this turned out. Doing minis is all about the different techniques lol and I just love them for that reason as it stretches your creativity. Okay that is all from me tonight.
In the meantime. . . .
Walk about your day with absolute beauty.
The Gypsy


Birgit said...[Reply to comment]

First off-it is most difficult to see one's work destroyed in just a few hours and mere words can not seem to help heal the whole that has been left. That being said this is when family and friends often come through and help heal by even a gentle touch on the shoulder. It appears you are very much the friend she needs right now and as the phoenix, she will rise more stunning and beautiful than ever before...I always wanted a stamp of a phoenix:) Your labels are stunning! I love the flower too and I have yet to really get into the alcohol inks. You always do great work. You have a great day for THE day is Australia.

beedivinedesigns said...[Reply to comment]

Fabulous tags Michelle, but I wouldnt expect anything less LOL, They are amazing!!!

mADDmartha megan said...[Reply to comment]

hey Michelle! Megan from youtube here (mADDmartha). I'm starting to blog too so I'm so glad I came across yours with all your lovely projects! Hope you're having a great week!