Sunday, April 5, 2009

Creative Space Thursday

Hey there bloggers, Well we all know what today is now don't we. I am rather late getting mine up there as I have been in Armidale all day today and only just got home. Courtney and I went into this wool shop called WOW and we all got to talking and can I just say how proud I am of my daughter Courtney (Her Little Knitting Nook) as when the ladies in the shop found out who she was "She Knits Slowly" on Ravalry they went bonkers with "Oh my god wow I am so excited to meet you etc etc etc" Well my chest just swelled as this meant that Courtney was making a name for herself with her beautiful wool.....Honey I am sooooo proud of you!!! (I know she will read this lol)

Anyway here is my creative space for this week. I am in the middle of making this wonderful little gift tote which when finished will hold 8 handmade cards inside and on the pouches on the outside will hold a pen, a bookmark (handmade), a handmade notepad and of course a luxury chocolate. This is the perfect gift for someone. Here is the first pic. . .

This is my little grandaughter Sophia helping Nanny with her stamps lol (well she happened to be in my creative space this afternoon!

These are going to be the holders (transparent) for the inside to hold cards and envelopes. The instructions for this tote are under the transparency.

This is the beginning of the tote of course it is going to be pink and brown!

This is it closed. There will be lovely printed heavy duty paper pockets on each side of the outer tote. It looks amazing when it is complete and I will post a finished pic next week as well as some other gift ideas that I will have finished by then.

This is my work tote and every time Sophie is in my craft room I have to lift it off the ground as she loves to grab stuff out of it and with sharp implements in there I cannot afford to let her play with it. But I love it and it holds so much!

Well that's my space for this week bloggers but make sure you pop on over to Kootoyoos blog

to see all the other beautiful and creative spaces for this week.

In the meantime though. . .

Walk about your day with beauty.

The Gypsy