Sunday, April 5, 2009

Road Trip

We went on a road trip yesterday to Tamworth and on the way I stopped at Uralla to visit a little scrapping/come fruit shop (husband and wife team) to buy some embellishments. As you can see by the first pic my purchases were indeed worth the drive. . .

Then when we got to Tamworth Ash decided that she did not want to buy a pair of jeans so I said ok lets go to Spotlight then. Bad idea going to Spotlight they have re-stocked their shelves. . . bad idea!!!

I purchased materials, patterns for little girls/toddlers, dolly pegs for my ribbons, a medium to add to acrylic paints to allow me to paint onto fabrics, buttons, buttons and more buttons and of course some lace and rhinestones and no trip is without purchasing some papers both in plain and print. They are just into Spotlight, well I am assuming as I have never seen them there before.

Then on the way home about 45kms out of Tamworth (we still had 2 hours in front of us) the traffic had stopped. A police officer drove up to every car and said that we had to turn around and take a detour through Walcha and then onto Uralla etc. Well that was going to take us nearly 2 hours out of our way and then another 11/2 hours from Uralla. He said you can take a dirt road and come out just before Bundarra and go through Kingstown, which is the option we chose. By the time we got home it was 8.15pm. It took us all up 4 hours to get home when it is normally a two and a half hour trip. Apparently the whole road was blocked off due to a major road accident and would be blocked off for over two hours.

So on the way home on the dirt road I took some pics. . . now they are not the best as I was in the passenger seat and the DH was driving doing 85kms per hour and on a dirt road that is hairy.

Nothing but green and brown for 80kms!!

Got the front dash in this one. . .

Fast moving cows??. . . no not really fast moving car more like it!

Well that's it for the day bloggers I will probably have more tomorrow depending how I feel as me and the two girls (Ash and Courtney) are going on a girls night out and I may be feeling ordinary tomorrow.

In the meantime. . .

Walk about your day with beauty.

The Gypsy