Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well we welcome in another new year it is now officially 2009!!  Although I was in bed by 11.40pm missing all the fireworks etc but hey I was tired.  I'm not one for New Year Parties with the whole strangers kissing you and all it's just not my thing.  Instead I sat watching One Tree Hill which I bought my daughter for christmas.  She has seen up to Season 6 but she reckoned that Season 1 was one of the best so she asked for it for christmas and I obliged.  Her and her bestie got me hooked ages ago but I never did get to see it from the beginning so buying it for Ash has allowed me to watch from the beginning and now I have to buy all the other seasons I can now.....because I am truly hooked.  It is much much better than OC and all the others that came before it.   So that was my New Years Eve!!!