Sunday, April 5, 2009

Emma Lamb

Well you must all be sick of me by now with this being my third post for the day but I just had to tell you all about a beautiful blog I have been visiting lately Emma Lamb it is a delightful blog and you must visit it. She does beautiful embroidery like this.....

such detail!

And I just love her notebook which she has called her creative thinking space take a look and judge for yourself.....

Is it not the most gorgeous notebook?? I have notebook envy now for sure! Emma has inspired me to create my own creative thinking space notebook for my new ideas although we don't do the same thing I still have ideas about my journals, cards etc.

I think these little swimsuits are amazing and you would have to agree with me. Both my little grandaughters would look soooo cute in one of these creations.

And finally Emma's choice of everything blue for a lovely treasury. You must also visit her etsy shop for that unique gift for yourself or a loved one. Go over and take a look. It will inspire you! Thanks for stopping by.