Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stamp Camp

Hey there bloggers, I have to tell you about my weekend away last week (I know I have been slow to get it up here). My daughter and myself went down to Lake Macquarie District to spend a weekend stamping and creating at the home of the most beautiful woman and her bestie, you would ever meet. . . Shirley and Jan. Nothing was too much for these two and they made sure that each attendee had the best time, although there were some personality clashes this time around and some annoyances which I will leave out, don't want to spoil the story with the details. We travelled down from Inverell on Thursday and came back on Sunday. There was lots and lots of laughter and I taught a class in tin decorating which was great. I will add a pic to show you the finished and not so finished tins further in the post.

I learnt some new techniques which is always a bonus and my daughter Ashleigh had the best time as this was her first camp. She made some amazing stuff and all were impressed by her talent. Shirley is perhaps in her late 60's and soooo funny, kind, straightforward and genuine. We played a joke on poor Shirley and the results were outstanding. Judge for yourself and see. . . . (for those who don't like a touch of naughtiness please don't go any further, you have been warned ok?)

I told you so!!!!!! Enough said ok?

Jan is in the background there and some of the women busy at work.

Hard at it again. . . . .

Gail and Kelly showing their best side lol. . .

The most delightful Hummingbird cake that Shirley and Jan made

for Craig's birthday (Robyn's husband both from Amazing Creations )

This is one of the cards I made on that weekend and I gifted it

to Shirley as she liked it sooooo much!!

The beautiful tins that everyone made during my tin class

Some are finished and some aren't......Isn't the pink and black one beautiful

(middle one bottom row)

Well I guess that is all I have for this post but later today I will be adding new stock to the shop so don't forget to stop by and check it out. In the meantime thankyou for stopping by and saying hello.

Walk about your day with beauty

Michelle (The Gypsy)