Thursday, April 16, 2009

Creative Space Thursday

Hi there everyone, we all know what today is don't we?  Yep that's right it is Creative Space Thursday!!  A day that I love as it is the day where I get to peek into other creative peoples' creative spaces.  I have been fairly busy this past week as you will see.  I decided to join into some card creating challenge sites and it has been non stop since.  So without further ado here is my space for this week.  Please enjoy the journey through my space. . . 

This is my machine space. . . my Cuttlebug, my Bind-It-All, and my Cricut Create and behind that is a beautiful canvas that was gifted to me by an amazing spiritual woman - Anna.  Look within the picture and you will see images peeking through. . . it's quite amazing!!

This is the first corner of my creative station where I make all my projects.

This is the other end of my creative station where my folder of cardstock sits as well as my scrapbooking printed 12 x 12 papers are in the folders on top.  (These are just the current ones lol)

A middle view of my work station and the cards in view there are the ones I have uploaded to the various challenge sites.  I tell you it is the best decision I have made it got me out of my rut I was in and it keeps me creating which is a jolly good thing indeed.

Another shot, geez I must have been snap happy this morning with the sun shining into my space it was absolutely glorious to see after the rain.  

The basket here has some of my smaller amounts of ribbon spooled onto the old fashioned dolly pegs which someone told me about, a really good idea as it saves all that tangled mess one tends to get in their ribbon stash.

Another shot of my finished cards. . .

Finally the supplies for my next project (Ssshhh it's a secret)  no not really I just have not decided what I am going to make with it just that I wanted that combination for my next project hehehehe.

Well that is it for my space this week people.  I hope you enjoyed the trip around my space.  I do have a whole craft room around that table but it is not where I get my creative spurt from lol it is from life, my surroundings, books I read, people I meet and last but not least. .  my crazy mixed up head.
You should pop on over to Kootoyoo's blog to check out all the other amazing creative spaces.  Go on I dare you. . .
In the meantime. . .
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy


Maureen said...[Reply to comment]

I DID enjoy the look round your space. It's always fun to see what others do and what space they do it in.

I'm in one of my perennial upheavals.

edward and lilly said...[Reply to comment]

I love your space today. It's great to see all of your stock and fabulous equipment! Have a lovely day :)

Kirsty said...[Reply to comment]

Oh my...machine space. I LOVE it.

CurlyPops said...[Reply to comment]

Wowee you have a lot of supplies! Its like lollies for adults!

Lauren said...[Reply to comment]

Your creative space is great! I love the card with the little red tree. Cute!

Melanie said...[Reply to comment]

you have such beautiful things in your creative space and it would be hard not to get inspired just being near it

sophie said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, what a great space and so organised!

amity ville boronia said...[Reply to comment]

Hmm, I'm very jealous. I wish that I had a cuttlebug. Not that I have anything to use one for... :)

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, all those machines! i actually know about some of them. Your space looks great to create in. I need to check out your blog for some easy card tutorials and inspiration

Michelle said...[Reply to comment]

What a great space! Your cards look lovely.

emma lamb said...[Reply to comment]

Michelle, your creative space looks great... so bright and full of energetic creativity! Your new cards are lovely too... :)
I spent some of my easter break in my mam's studio... more sorting out than creating, but it was refreshing to be surrounded by paper crafting goodies rather than fabrics and yarn! But saying that, it was good to get back in my own studio... also in need of a good tidy up :)

I may have to take up Courtney and Shopie's offer of joining them when they're crochety 80 year olds surrounded by cats and crochet!!!

Have a wonderful day,

Alison said...[Reply to comment]

I would love to have all of that space instead of the corner of the table that I use just now. Lucky you.

Tweed Delights said...[Reply to comment]

What a lovely space - great to see all your creative bits 'n bobs. Fabulous!