Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Surprise has Arrived!!! (long post)

Hey there bloggers!
Now I have to set the scene for you. . . I heard the postie arrive out the front and I wondered if he was going to bring a parcel in. He was taking his sweet time so I eventually went outside because I could not contain myself any longer. I checked the letterbox and realised that I had not taken the mail out from the day before (I'm a bit behind lol) and I noticed that the postie (Australia Post parcel guy) was over the road talking to someone in a car with a parcel in his hands that happened to have an overseas sticker on it and I knew that was my Tim Holtz surprise!!!!!!! I opened my mail and pretended to read it all the while watching the postie on the other side of the road cursing under my breath hehe. So I had to open another letter while I was waiting. By the third letter I was about ready to rip his throat out lol. He came over the road and said as he was coming "I suppose you are waiting for me" and I pretended again (I'm good at it) and said "Oh what, no I was just reading my mail" So he the smart *&%$ said "I guess you don't want this then?" I looked at it and realised that it was indeed my surprise parcel so I yelled at him and squealed and said "YES I DO WANT IT, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT" Duh I could have slapped the smirk off his face but instead I thanked him politely as one does lol and then ran inside with my treasure. I ripped it open carefully as I wanted to preserve the post bag after all it was personally signed by The Timster himself. Take a look . . .

See I told you hehehe!!! I pulled out the packages and this is what I found inside. . .

Check it out!!

Cool vintage corners. . .

and Fragments!! I am super excited about these

and Metallic Numbers!! Ooohhh what I can do with these

and finally Journaling Tickets! I had not seen these before so I cannot wait to use them.

Now how cool was that? That is a great pressie to win don't you think? My sincere heartfelt thanks go to the Timster himself for choosing me as a final day winner. I have been patting my new supplies ever since I have received them. . . sad isn't it! When I get his Distress Inkpads and his Alcohol Inks, craft mats and applicators I will open these pretties up and use them but until I can do real justice to them they are just there for my sheer viewing pleasure *deep sigh* I should have my supplies by next week I think.

Now while I was going through my pic files I found this one that I took over Christmas while we were visiting my family on the Gold Coast. Take a look . . .

This is a pic of my beautiful nephews and great nephew and my absolutely wonderful, beautiful sister Deb. I love her to bits as I do my nephews.

And finally, my beautiful grandson Elijah. One could fall into his eyes as they are the most delicious brown pools. I absolutely adore him as I do my two grandaughters.

My truly delightful grandaughter Sophia. This pic was only taken the other day. I will be staying at my daughters house from Friday to Tuesday so I can get new pics of my other little grandaughter Lily so I will post some new pics of her later in the week.

In the meantime. . . .

Walk about your day with beauty.

The Gypsy


Rose said...[Reply to comment]

well it's a little late but just found this post....congrats on winning!! looks like a lot of fun items there. Hope you sealed Tims sig in plastic to protect it from your drool LOL Elijah is going to be a chick magnet with those eyes! and I do beleive Sophia is letting you know just what she thinks of Tim H LOL ok i've been up for 23hrs and my brain is silly :D

Idea Queen said...[Reply to comment]

I couldn't see any of your pictures. Just a blue box with a ? mark in it. Would love to see the loot. Congratulations.