Thursday, April 9, 2009

Creative Space Thursday

Well Bloggers it's that time of the week where I take a peek at other peoples creative spaces and they in turn can take a peek at mine if they have a mind to.  I hope you all enjoy my new look blog which my lovely daughter Courtney created for me.  I absolutely adore my new blog it is more me than my old one and I am so happy that Courtney took the time out of her busy schedule to create it for me. . . thanks my love.

This week has been full on with me taking a leap of faith and putting myself out there in cyberspace by putting my work up on challenge blogs.  You know how it goes people. . . you think you do good work but you are afraid to put yourself out there in case other people don't think so.  So I procrastinated and then I procrastinated some more until I decided that I would just jump off the precipice and do it and now I want to go on many challenges lol.  Once you open the door that's it folks there ain't no turnin' back.  I thought it was high time I stopped chatting to myself and saying things like "Geez Shell you did a good one there" and "I think that is better than the one I saw on that blog" hehehe I guess we have all been there and now it's my turn.  So without further ado here is my space for this week. . . . enjoy!!

This pic has some mini canvas's, some new ribbon, some sponge daubers, glue tape and the one colour item in the pic is my new hand-coloured cardstock which I am very proud of and the flowers were also hand coloured etc by me.  Which if you look at the post before this one you will see more hand-coloured cardstock and another hand-coloured flower that I did.  I also purchased an unmounted scrolly type alphabet today whilst down in Armidale and some vintage 3D embellishments.

This pic is a closer look and is in colour.  What can I say it is late at night lol.

This pic has the card I made for my challenge on Monday this week.  Well bloggers that is it for me it is now 11.15pm and I am about to head off to bed but I wanted to get this post in as I missed out the last two weeks.  Don't forget to pop on over to Kootoyoo's blog to check out the other creative spaces.
In the meantime though. . . . .
Walk about your day with beauty.
The Gypsy


Tahnya Marie said...[Reply to comment]

I remember that great little room you had in the house on the Gold Coast, full of wonderful and glorous clutter and Court and I would sit in there making little creations from stamps and the embossing powders! It was such fun... I am really happy and excited for you to be getting into this again, I know you'll do wonderfully!

Bohemian Gypsy said...[Reply to comment]

Thanks Hun. Why is your creative space not up there as well girl? I want to see where you create even if it is sitting watching tv.

edward and lilly said...[Reply to comment]

I love your new look blog, it's very reflective of your style.